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A passport is required to enter the USA by any route (including by land), with some exceptions.  Click here for details.

A comprehensive insurance policy will protect your investment in the case of a sudden illness or death in the family.  Rushing home mid-trip for a family emergency, lost baggage or a twisted ankle are all things that can be covered by carefully choosing the right policy.  Click here for details on the RBC packages we offer. 


About Lobstick Tours

  • Based in Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Professionally-researched and customized tours
  • Breakfast included every day on every North American motor coach tour
  • Family-owned and operated
  • Two professional hosts per bus

Lobstick Tours:  Affordable and Personable Tours

You are welcome to join us for an adventure as we explore together unique locations and experiences.  Witness for yourself the splendor of awe-inspiring architecture, landscapes, and seas.  Savour the diversity of ethnic cuisine and entertainment with its aromas, sounds and colourful displays.  

Come home with fantastic memories while making new friendships along the way.

Love life!  Explore!


2014-2015 Season

Dana and I just got back from an amazing time in New York with a fantastic group of fellow travellers. I even got to see Hoboken, New Jersey while Dana was on Fifth Avenue shopping on our free day.  This summer Bev and Arch took a group down to the Black Hills and Richard and Agnes are currently visiting the beautiful Maritimes.  Bob and Lynda will be departing for Hostfest this upcoming week.  In October, Bev and Arch will be taking a group to Europe to enjoy a 15 day river cruise and tour on the Danube, Main, and Rhine Rivers. Finishing up this fall, Bob and Lynda are off to Branson and Doug and Nancy will be taking a group on our Annual Panama Canal Cruise.  All of these tours are currently sold out and we greatly appreciate all our clients' support.  

In January, we have two cruises/tours ( El Prez 3.0 Cuba Cruise/Tour and Hawaii Cruise/Tour) along with our new and improved Absolutely Arizona (Motor coach tour).  Colin and Dianne will be heading to Hawaii, while Bev and Arch will be touring and cruising around the  breathtaking island of Cuba.  Richard and Agnes will be taking the group down to Arizona and in March they are off to China (Yangtzee Cruise) and Hong Kong. In March, Bob and Lynda will be taking a group on our new Redwoods and Wine motor coach tour; visiting all the US Pacific Coast states from Washington to California. 

Val is currently making the final touches on 2015 Victoria and working on a tour of the Wisconsin Dells for next June.  Lynda is working on finalizing our fall Baltic cruise (with Iceland) and there are rumblings that Monica (aka my mother) is looking at taking another group over to the Emerald Isles in the fall as well.

Our fall meetings are quickly approaching and the dates and times have been posted on this website. Dana, the hosts, and I look forward to seeing you at these meetings.